Why are escorts moving out of London?

Harlow escorts service of https://charlotteaction.org/harlow-escorts is one of the best escort agencies I have worked for in the last couple of years. I work here as an outcall escort and it suits me fine. But more and more escorts are beginning to leave London. A couple of my friends who worked for another escort service here in London, have moved and are now working for escort services outside of London. They seem to be doing okay, and I am not surprised they have left London.

When you have been escorting for a while, you realize escorting is just another job. At first, it may seem really glamorous. I don’t mean to run it down or anything like that. It is still a great gig, but you are self employed and you really do need to watch your money. Some girls used to make fantastic money, but that was when London was booming. London is not as busy as it was once, and we have even noticed that at Harlow escorts.

I would say that the vast majority of English gents who date escorts in London such as Harlow escorts, do not live in London. Only a few of them live in London now. Most of them have sold their homes and moved out to places like Guilford. They get better value for money in those areas, and can cut down on their living expenses. Of course, they may not want to date in London anymore, so they start to date escorts in places like Guilford.

It is a bit like a wheel which goes around. When that happens, the girls here in London get less business and they need to make some tough decisions. Even some of the girls who work for Harlow escorts have had to decide whether they should stay in this part of London. Some of the girls I have been working with at the agency have left and moved on to work outside of London. I cannot blame them. They are making more money working outside of London.

Am I going to leave London? At the moment I am doing okay here at Harlow escorts but if I was not, I would certainly be thinking seriously about leaving London. Fortunately for me, I am pretty well established and I have a busy dating diary. Most of the gents I meet every week are regular gents and I know that they are not going to go away. I am going to give escorting another two years, and then I am going to think about what else I could do. To be fair, I have to admit that I don’t fancy living outside of London. It is still my sort of place and I love it here in London. If it was not for that, I think I would change. But I have been able buy my own place, so living in London feels like home to me. Yes, it is costly to live here, but I can manage thanks to not having a mortgage on my flat.