Dorm Room Girls: A Night To Remember

22500762a164317b42239bf206b90a74It was a rainy afternoon that left Amy and Jennifer trapped inside of their dorm room. Neither of the girls were fond of going out in the rain, so they both decided to stay in that Saturday night. Amy who was an 18-year-old freshmen was very fond of spending time with Jennifer, a junior who was a few years older.

Due to their boredom the ladies decided to play a game of truth or dare. The game started out innocently enough with Jennifer answering a question, but when it became Amy’s turn she took the dare. Jennifer was feeling a bit horny that rainy evening and dared Amy to kiss her. This took Amy by surprise but for many months she had secretly been fantasizing about Jennifer. Amy was ‘bi-curious’ and had always wanted to know what it felt like to kiss another girl.

When the kiss started it was just on the lips, but then Jennifer slowly slipped her tongue inside of Amy’s mouth. The girls started to French kisses and things became really hot when Jennifer reached up and started to massage Amy’s very large and ample breasts through her clothing. A loud knock at the door surprised both girls, and they quickly stopped what they were doing.

The girls quickly jumped off the bed they were sitting on and Jennifer went to see who was at the door. After opening it, Jennifer was both surprised and happy to see it was her boyfriend Paul; he had just returned to the college after spending a week back home. He was happy to see Jennifer and he gave her a huge kiss. Paul had never met Amy before so Jennifer introduced them and the group shut the door behind them.

Paul asked the girls what they were doing that night, seeing both the ladies had a huge smile on their faces. Paul knew right away that something was going on. Jennifer not being a shy girl told Paul what happened right in front of Amy. This shocked Amy but she was secretly happy that Paul found out. Paul found what they were doing to be super sexy and started kissing Jennifer deeply. Then out of nowhere Jennifer grabbed Amy and started kissing her again. Then Paul started to slowly undress Jennifer, taking off her shirt and then her black pushup bra, reveling her tiny but super perky breasts.

Once Jennifer’s shirt and bra came off things got even more heated. Amy seeing that Jennifer was undressed, quickly removed her shirt and bra. When Paul and Jennifer notice what Amy has done, they both start to kiss on her massive tits, making Amy groan. Amy then gets really horny and starts to rub on Paul’s cock through his jeans. Jennifer takes notice of what Amy is doing and unzips Paul’s jeans, revealing his 9-inch dick.

Jennifer knew that Amy had very little sexual experience, so she decided that it was time to share Paul’s cock with her. That day Amy got the experience of a lifetime and Paul got to sample Amy’s barely used body. Each of these college students will always remember this steamy night for as long as they live.

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